Fall 2010 Michigan Tech Magazine

Michigan Tech Magazine Fall 2010

Alumni Association Notes

Always Here

"A part of me will always be here." This unattributed quote, from page nine of the 1977 Keweenawan, is one I think almost all of us can relate to as Michigan Tech alumni. We arrive as young adults, curious about the world and anxious to find our place in it. We leave educated, accomplished, and more aware of the world around us. And for most of us, there is something that eventually draws us back, that small part of us we left behind.

The Tech experience is different for each of us, but few can spend several years in the Copper Country and not be affected by the place itself. Weather not encountered in most of the country, a beautiful outdoor environment, a university that continually strives to improve the student experience, people who care about Michigan Tech and want it to succeed in its mission to create the future.

During my tenure as president of the Alumni Association, I've had the opportunity to meet a number of people who come back to Tech because of that part of themselves they left behind, people who care enough about Michigan Tech to devote a significant amount of their time and treasure to make a difference. The Board of Directors of the Alumni Association is a group of such people, and I would like to acknowledge and applaud their contributions. These committed folks return to campus twice a year without recompense, to develop and direct the policies and programs of the association.

In just the past few years of my term on the Board, the directors, in conjunction with Director of Alumni Relations Brenda Rudiger and her staff, have developed a Young Alumni Homecoming event, a network of regional alumni leaders, a new Alumni Humanitarian Award, an Explore Your Network mentoring program, and new events and activities for Alumni Reunion. New programs in the works for 2010 include rewriting the Association’s constitution, developing an on-boarding program for new Board members, rethinking our mission and vision statements, and moving into the Alumni House on campus.

Many others in the Tech family contribute to the University in a myriad of ways. I encourage you to reconnect with Michigan Tech and make a commitment to the next generation, perhaps by making a donation to the upcoming capital campaign, Generations of Discovery. If you believe a part of you is always here, you'll want to be part of it.

Thanks to Brenda, Brent, Danielle, Tanya, Matt, and Kay, the people who make it all work. Without them none of the work of the Alumni Association would be possible.

Mark Mitchell ’77 President, Michigan Tech Alumni Association

Elmer (Bud) Rieckhoff ’60, right, of Carson City, Nevada, and Mark Jarmus ’80, of Fort Wayne,Indiana, toured the Keweenaw Waterway aboard the Agassiz, Michigan Tech’s research vessel, during Alumni Reunion 2010. The free tours featured talks by Tech Professor W. Charles Kerfoot on his Great Lakes research. Chee Huei Lee photo

Help Us Recognize Outstanding Alumni and Friends

Know a great Michigan Tech alumnus/a or friend of the University? Here's a chance to help get them the recognition they deserve.

The Alumni Association is seeking nominations for the 2011 Outstanding Young Alumni Award, the Outstanding Service Award, the Distinguished Alumni Award, and the Honorary Alumni Award.

Also, a new Humanitarian Award has been created by the Alumni Association. It will highlight the positive impact our alumni have through their voluntary service to the community, state, or country, or to an important social cause.

Please consider nominating deserving individuals for the 2011 Alumni Association awards. The recipients are honored each August at the Alumni Reunion. Award descriptions and nomination forms are available at http://alumni.mtu.edu/awards or by contacting the Office of Alumni Relations, 906-487-2400 or alumni@mtu.edu. The nomination deadline is December 1.

Social Networks Abound for Michigan Tech Alumni

With the explosion of the social networking sites, Michigan Tech alumni have many opportunities to connect with fellow alumni, current students, and the University.

As part of Michigan Tech’s exclusive online alumni community, huskylink.mtu.edu, you can

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  • Sign up to be a mentor. The value students receive from alumni who share their knowledge is incalculable. Acting as a mentor provides a great opportunity to interest students in pursuing a career in your industry and profession.

This interconnected network of experienced professionals represents 170 industries and 200 countries. Find and collaborate professionally with alumni from around the world by joining the more than 3,600 alumni and students in the Michigan Tech LinkedIn group.

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