CCM Majors and Employment

Employment Opportunities

CCM majors learn a broad-based set of diverse skills and competencies preparing them for opportunities within a wide range of career positions. Our graduates work in management, industry, free-lancing, government, and non-profit organizations. 

Graduate Studies

CCM provides excellent preparation for graduate studies. Students can use their CCM degree as a basis for graduate work in communication studies, media studies, and cultural studies, as well as other fields requiring strong communication and research skills such as journalism, law, public administration, business administration, etc.

Internship and Co-Op Opportunities

CCM students have worked as communication specialists in television production, music recording and media criticism, gallery marketing and publicity, university news & sports writing, study abroad development and programming; university marketing, design, and copy editing. 


Maria Bergstrom

Maria Bergstrom

  • Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Humanities
  • Modern Language Program Advisor
  • Instructor, Humanities
Walker 316