Phone Planner

How do social media shape our lives?

(2) Mac + iPhone

Are you intrigued by the social power of communication technologies?

(3) Classroom Sue

Do you want to know how to create cultural change?

(4) Football Ad

Do you wonder why popular culture matters?

(5) State Farm Ad

Are you a critical media consumer?

(6) Pitch Teen Island

Do you want to know about media industries behind the scenes?

(7) eWaste

Do you ever think about e-waste?

Communication, Culture, & Media Courses

Below find an informal list of typical courses in the CCM major. An official list of all undergraduate Humanities courses, their descriptions and prerequisites, can be found on the university's Course Catalog page.

Core Courses

In core CCM courses, students gain foundational concepts and skills that prepare them for advanced work in CCM concentrations. See the MTU undergraduate course catalog page for additional information on these and all other undergraduate Humanities courses. Below is a a sample list of core classes:

  • HU 2810 - Research and Writing in Communication
  • HU 2820 - Communication and Culture
  • HU 2830 - Intro to Speech Communication
  • HU 3800 - Communication Theory

Contemporary Culture Courses

CCM majors in Contemporary Culture learn about the power of communication, creativity, and meaning-making. Students study popular culture, cultural history, technology, power, and language in a variety of contexts including relationships, the workplace, media practices and institutions, and daily life. Below is a sample list of courses related to the Contemporary Culture emphasis:

  • HU 2400 - Intro to Diversity Studies in the United States
  • HU 3830 - Creativity, Culture, and Change
  • HU 3840 - Organizational Communication
  • HU 3850 - Cultural Studies
  • HU 3860 - Popular Culture

For further detail on additional credits, please see the appropriate Degree Audit form.