Phone Planner

How do social media shape our lives?

(2) Mac + iPhone

Are you intrigued by the social power of communication technologies?

(3) Classroom Sue

Do you want to know how to create cultural change?

(4) Football Ad

Do you wonder why popular culture matters?

(5) State Farm Ad

Are you a critical media consumer?

(6) Pitch Teen Island

Do you want to know about media industries behind the scenes?

(7) eWaste

Do you ever think about e-waste?


Culture, Communication, & Media (CCM) is an interdisciplinary degree that provides a firm foundation in the knowledge and skills of communication as well as broad opportunities to tailor the degree to suit your interests and career path.

You should apply to CCM if you are serious about thinking critically and creatively, and if you want to apply your communication training to make a difference in the world. Students who are interested in using the power of technology, media, and language to advance cultural diversity and social justice choose CCM.

Students applying to either the CCM major or minor should make sure they satisfy the general requirements for admission to undergraduate study in the Humanities. Students transferring from another major or from another university should contact CCM Advisor Evelyn Johnson to ensure they satisfy any additional requirements.