Financial Services and Operations

Travel by Chartered or Privately Owned Aircraft

Chartered Aircraft

All requests for the use of chartered aircraft must be submitted to the Purchasing Department. Charges incurred for chartered aircraft obtained in any other fashion will not be reimbursed to the person making such arrangements. Receipts need not be obtained for aircraft engaged in this manner, since charges will be billed directly to the University. Charters will only be made with FAA-certified charter operators.


  1. An employee needing to charter an aircraft submits a Purchase Requisition form to the Purchasing Department, indicating the following:
    • Names of all passengers
    • Suggested vendor
    • Destination
    • Departure date and time
    • Return date and time
  2. The Purchasing Manager will provide an estimate of charges upon request.

Privately Owned Aircraft

Employees may not travel by privately owned aircraft on University business. Employees who are pilots or crew members of private aircraft traveling on University-related business are not covered by the University's travel insurance policy.