General and Auxiliary Accounting

Cell Phone and Internet Reimbursement

Internet and/or cell phone services are reimbursed through a monthly allowance program to authorized employees, with approval from their department chair or director. Service contracts are in the employee’s name, and devices are personally owned.


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Budget Checking Flowcharts

Special Fees and Use Charges

The special fees and use charges policies and procedure relate to applications for lab/equipment/facility use rates.

Highlights of the Policies and Procedures

  • A use fee is not required.
  • A use fee is a method of recovering the costs of operating a lab/equipment/facility.
  • The use fee will be based on actual revenue and expenses for the most recent two fiscal years and actual use from the logbooks.
  • A use fee will only be approved if $5,000 of revenue is estimated for new fee requests or is generated for existing use fees in one of the two previous fiscal years.
  • In order to achieve this $5,000 threshold, equipment may be grouped.
  • An allowable fiscal year end balance of plus or minus 5 percent of revenue is permitted.
  • All users must be charged the same fee. Departments may choose to subsidize use.
  • Certain costs associated with the lab/equipment/facility may not be allowable in the rate calculation.
  • A percentage of each use charge dollar is returned to a corresponding use index (D99xxx) in the form of overhead return.
  • Extraordinary expenses may be amortized over four years.
  • Logbooks must include all use and be retained for seven years.
  • Monthly billings (IBs) should be prepared.

Policy and Procedures Information

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