Financial Services and Operations
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Purchasing Forms

Credit Application

  • Used to request credit from vendors
  • Fill out vendor information prior to printing

Finance Self-service Purchase Requisition Access

Independent Contractor Agreement | Procedure

  • Contract agreement between the University and a non-Michigan Tech employee which details the service

Independent Contractor Questionnaire

  • Human Resources questionnaire for assistance in determining Independent Contractor status

Packing Slip

  • For item(s) being returned

Purchasing Card Application/Agreement

  • To request a Purchasing Card for an employee
  • To request a new card for employees who change/transfer to a different department
    • If the employee had a card in their previous department, it will be closed

Purchasing Card Log

  • Optional log to assist you in keeping track of purchasing card transactions

Purchasing Card Reallocations Access Request Form

  • Used to gain access to the Access OnLine website, which is used to easily do credit card reallocations

Purchase Requisition

  • Advertising
  • Animals
  • Calling cards, business cards, & envelopes
  • Charter buses, plane, or boat
  • Chemicals
  • Controlled substances
  • Cylinder gases and liquid nitrogen
  • Equipment/furniture
  • Leases & rentals
  • Maintenance agreements
  • On-campus repair and services
  • Professional/Classified services and related expenses
  • Renovations or remodeling
  • Reserving rooms for meetings in advance for local events
  • Services from non-employees that have been invoiced
  • Almost anything else, including:
    • Most items on the prohibited list for the Purchasing Card and petty cash
    • Items that exceed Purchasing Card and petty cash limits

Reallocation of Expenditures key PDF | Excel |

  • Use when you miss the deadline to reallocate purchasing card charges in  Access Online.

Sole/Single Source Justification


State Sales and Use Tax

Vendor Direct Deposit

  • Contact Purchasing to request this form: or 906-487-2510

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