ECE Departmental Scholar Award

The ECE Departmental Scholar Award is given to a senior* who best represents student scholarship at Michigan Tech. This outstanding student is considered excellent not only by academic standards, but also for participation in research scholarship activity, levels of intellectual curiosity, creativity, and communication skills.

* Senior status during the next academic year

Award:  $200 cash award from the department and nomination for the Provost's Award for Scholarship for an additional $800 cash award. The student is honored at the Annual Student Leadership Awards Ceremony held in April.

Congratulations to the following recipients!

2016 - Derek Gheller

2015 - Joshua Manela

2014 - Maria E. Damiani

2013 - Adam Funkenbusch

2012 - Branden R. Ghena

2011 - Elizabeth F. Cloos

2010 - Nicholas P. Bedbury

2009 - Kaitlyn J. Reed

2008 - Amy L. Palmgren

2007 - Andrew R. Kolbus

2006 - Holly B. Reed

2005 - Gregory J. Niedzwiecki

2004 - Laura A. Cooper

2003 - Marquerite Ledebuhr

2002 - Thomas P. Nye