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1 hour ago - "Find what's fun, find a mentor, seek it out, put yourself out there."—Dr. Steve Short, 2010 Michigan Tech grad, former Huskies quarterback and Doctor of Sports Medicine, in the KIP human performance lab. @DenverNuggets @mtu_huskies #mtufootball 🏈 🏀 #michigantech #tenacity #exercise #sportsmedicine #bfrexercise #stationarybike #HealthyHuskies 🚲 ⛰ 🚵‍♂️ . . . . . Check out a typical Denver Nuggets game day and on-point advice to get your dream job in the full story on #michigantechnews (link in bio).
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6 hours ago - "Engineering is inherently creative. It's our job to remove the barriers to that creativity."
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9 hours ago - RT @mtuarchives: #ThrowbackThursday Exterior view of the Kerredge Theatre, Hancock, undated.
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23 hours ago - Sometimes nothing is something after all. Testing satellite propulsion systems inside laboratory vacuums (because it sure beats launching untested systems into space!).