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2 hours ago - Ethanol is produced from energy crops like switchgrass in a two-step process: ✔️Use chemical and biological processes to break down the plant cell walls, accessing and splitting the complex polymeric sugar chains into individual sugars ✔️Apply biological processes (usually microbe-aided fermentation) to convert the sugars into ethanol. #energy #biofuel #switchgrass #harvest #timingiseverything 🌾🌾🌾 Learn more on #michigantechunscripted (link in bio). 📸Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center photo 🙌🏻
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Yesterday - Ready! #mtuscenes #mondaymotivation 📸@tuukkapthehusky 🐾🌟#thatsmile
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Yesterday - Ready! #mtuscenes #mondaymotivation 📸@tuukkapthehusky 🐾🌟#thatsmile
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Saturday - Jack's back—visit K-day, check out some of our 220+ student organizations, and follow Michigan Tech on YouTube for more vlogs and videos. #MTUkday18