Research Groups

Carbon Technology Center

The Carbon Technology Center has been established to develop fundamental and applied carbon materials technology. Consistent with the strengths of Michigan Tech, emphasis is placed on materials characterization and end use applications.  The role of the CTC in technology development is to incubate ideas, progressing them to the point where they become self-sustaining.

Medical micro-Device Engineering Research Lab

Our group engineers medical diagnostic microdevices with a primary focus on human blood electrokinetics. Our goals are to develop portable, point-of-care tools providing rapid, quantitative results for disease diagnosis and monitoring. This approach will streamline disease identification and streamline treatment methods that can be better tailored to the patient.

Design Institute of Physical Properties

The goal of this project is to develop a comprehensive database of critically evaluated properties of regulated chemical species that are important to the chemical process industry. Properties of the pure species pertaining to environmental, safety and health (ESH) concerns are the prime focus in the data collection and validation efforts of the project.