Department of Chemical Engineering

Safety Inspection Checklist

Unit Operations Lab Inspection

The Safety Inspection Checklist (SIC) was developed to provide the PAWS Safety Committee, faculty, and staff with an organized and effective means for inspecting the Unit Operations Laboratory. The checklist also serves as an inspection record. The inspection is done to ensure that the lab and equipment operate in the safest manner possible, and the SIC is a helpful tool for detecting any deficiencies in the lab that need correction.

Safety Inspection Checklist Form (PDF)

How to Complete the SIC

The SIC is divided into two sections: Unit Operations Area and Individual Experiments. The Unit Operations Area section of the checklist covers general items that are not assigned to a specific experiment, and the Individual Experiments section identifies specific hazards associated with each experiment.

The PAWS Safety Committee will fill out the SIC at the beginning of each Unit Operations Lab day. After marking each item in the SIC with a "Y" or "N" (to indicate "Yes" or "No"), the safety inspector initials the item. If any item is marked with an "N," the safety inspector must complete a PAWS form and, if possible, immediately take corrective action. At the beginning of each month, the previous month's inspection form is archived with Scott Wendt and a new SIC form is started.