Michigan Technological University

is a public research university, home to more than 7,000 students from 60 countries around the world. Founded in 1885, the University offers more than 120 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in science and technology, engineering, forestry, business and economics, health professions, humanities, mathematics, and social sciences. Our campus in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula overlooks the Keweenaw Waterway and is just a few miles from Lake Superior.

About Michigan Tech

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16 hours ago - #worldwaterday #innovationshore #mtuscenes #tbt https://t.co/mAhdpMpI9W
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17 hours ago - Michigan Tech Hockey plays Notre Dame 3 p.m. (Eastern) Friday. Head to our watch party in the 'Mac, or read on to learn about other ways to catch the game. Let's go Huskies!
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21 hours ago - Happy World Water Day! Low-cost, low-tech solutions offer hope for cleaner water worldwide. #waterislife #worldwaterday #environmentalengineering In this video: even though many municipal water supplies are treated with chlorine, the top water layer can become a breeding ground for bacteria, algae or waterborne illness, such as giardia and E. coli. Michigan Tech researchers are developing shower head-like attachments that can be added to new or existing municipal water tanks to prevent stagnation. mtu.news/2Dx5udz
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Yesterday - Meet Bolt, a transparent restoration mechanism for bare metal cybersecurity analysis that makes it easier to recover data on a mobile testing device. A reboot-less, stealthy recovery system helps cybersecurity analysts speed up malware observations—and catch malware-based cybercrime on mobile devices faster and more efficiently. 📱 📱 📱 📱 . . . . . . . . #computerscience #circuit #cybersecurity #simple #elegant #SneakierThanMalware #michigantech #mturesearch 💻 #computer Full story on #michigantechunscripted (🔗 in bio).