Institute of International Education Scholarships

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Benjamin A. Gilman

Don’t let financial limits hold you back from study abroad. This program is specifically designed to broaden the student population that participates in international education programs by supporting undergraduates who might not otherwise go—including students in underrepresented fields such as those in sciences and engineering—with scholarships of up to $5,000.

Boren Scholarship

Funded by the National Security Education Program (NSEP), these scholarships provide up to $20,000 to undergraduate students from the US to study abroad in areas of the world underrepresented in study abroad.

Boren Fellowship (for Graduates)

Go for an NSEP fellowship that provides unique funding opportunities for US graduate students to study less commonly taught languages in world regions critical to US interests, and underrepresented in study abroad. Boren Fellowships provide up to $24,000 for overseas study. The program can also provide limited funding for domestic language study that supplements the overseas component. The maximum award for a combined overseas-domestic program is $30,000.

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS)

Receive full funding as a grad or undergrad for an intensive summer of cultural immersion and language instruction in a critical-need foreign language. The program is aimed at broadening the base of Americans studying and mastering language skills and fostering relationships between the US and other countries. The only expenses that aren’t covered are U.S. passport fees, a required medical exam, and local travel between your home and the airport for the CLS program travel.

Fulbright U.S. Student Program

Apply for a grant that covers round-trip transportation, room and board, accident and sickness health benefits and other educational benefits such as books and tuition based on country and availability of federally appropriated funds. Fulbright grants cover individually designed study and research projects as well as English teaching assistant programs. Grant lengths and dates vary by country. Eligibility categories include: recent graduates, master’s and doctoral candidates, and young professionals including writers, creative and performing artists, journalists, and those in law, business, or other professional fields.