Michigan Tech Early Career Management

Early Career Management (ECM) Committees pairs each newly hired faculty member with three established faculty for monthly meetings throughout their first year at Michigan Tech. We are interested in your success!

ECM Committees are advocacy teams that provide well-informed advice and guidance for the new faculty that meet once per month over the first year. Senior faculty guide and adapt discussions to the new faculty member’s needs with the help of seeded questions and topics. The committee collectively facilitates first year progress, productivity, and satisfaction while the department chair can align resources to solve any challenges that arise. The committee’s collective wisdom helps the new faculty member get off to an accelerated career start and to feel at home in Houghton and Michigan Tech.

Early Career Management (ECM) Committees are established for each newly hired faculty member in their first year at Michigan Tech. An ECM committee can also be established at the request of any Assistant Professor midway through the probationary period.

Cross university networking events are regularly organized for early career faculty and their committees. Faculty are also invited to attend other research development and networking opportunities.

Each committee organizes their meetings and has their own private google site to track monthly progress and reports.

Testimonials of Success:

“I think it is very beneficial for the new faculty to hear both confirmation of my coaching on prioritizing their activities and philosophies for proposals, papers, and graduate students, and to hear a spectrum of views on expectations so that they do not get the impressions that every expectation (paper nos., proposal amounts, students advised/graduated, etc.) are single threshold quantities.” - department chair.

“We have had great discussions that have benefited the new faculty. I (external advocate) have learned a lot about the inner workings of another department, which allows me to have a greater perspective on problem solving in my own department.” - external advocate

“ I have benefited tremendously from this program so far. I have heard several different viewpoints on important issues related to academic success toward tenure, especially in the areas of publishing and outside funding.”- new faculty member

For any questions or to get involved with ECMs, please contact Shari Stockero, stockero@mtu.edu

Networking Events