Understanding the Cost of Education

Understanding how much getting an education will cost isn't always as straightforward as it seems. This breakdown is designed with the aim to help students understand what their education will cost. 


Tuition is what you will pay per credit or unit hour at your educational institution. Generally it is cheaper per credit if you are a full-time student rather than part-time and if you are a resident of the state you are attending school in.

Room and Board

Many colleges and universities have housing and board (food) available for students on campus. This on campus housing and board has a cost. Living on campus and having a meal plan (board/food) adds to the cost of your attendance. 


Most institutions charge fees. These cover things like student on campus health care, student activities and access to athletic centers and gyms. These generally are associated with the costs generated with being at campus and being a part of the campus community and are shared by every student to increase affordability. 

Books and Supplies

While many educators have switched to online resources or provide students with the resources they need for free, most students will need to purchase textbooks and other supplies associated with learning at some point in their educational careers.


If you live on campus you may not need to worry about how to get to and from classes but many students commute to school. There is a cost associated with this transportation.