MEEM building and Michigan Tech campus mall with students in summer.
Become a PREP Fellow

The NIST PREP Program at Michigan Tech is a partnership with the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop and train a diverse, world-class pool of scientists and engineers to support NIST's mission in measurement science and standards research.

The program aims to support undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty to conduct cutting-edge research under the advisory of a NIST sponsor. For further information, please visit NIST PREP at NIST headquarters.

Job Postings

Benefits for PREP Fellows

  • Funded research under mentorship of NIST sponsors with graduate students receiving full stipend/tuition support and undergraduate students receiving co-op support.
  • Opportunities to work in a wide range of fields including computing, biology, environmental health, nanofabrication, and robotics.
  • Practical experience in calibration, standards, and measurement science.
  • Professional and career development through an Individual Development Plan under the advisory of both MTU and NIST mentors.


Eligible PREP Fellows must be full-time students or faculty at Michigan Technological University. Both international and national MTU students are eligible to become a PREP Fellow. PREP Fellows are not restricted by major or discipline. Underrepresented populations in STEM are highly encouraged to apply for opportunities. In addition to their research, PREP Fellows must follow an Individual Development Plan (developed alongside the PREP Undergraduate/Graduate Advisor) throughout their tenure to ensure continuous professional development.

How to Apply for PREP Fellowship

Research opportunities will be made available by NIST sponsors. The PREP Fellowship opening will be posted on this website. Applicants will submit their resumes to the specific opportunity, and the NIST sponsor will select the PREP Fellow from the list of applicants. The selected PREP Fellow will then be reviewed by the PREP Management Team for confirmation.


Opportunities for NIST PREP Fellow positions will be posted on a rolling basis.

For general inquiries, please email