Michigan Tech Mobile Lab—Short Courses and Outreach

The Mobile Lab parked behind four hybrid vehicles.
The Moblie Lab parked with the Capital building in the background.
Lecturer in the Mobile Lab speaking to participants.
The Mobile Lab in motion in a city.
A lecturer pointing at a monitor while three participants look on.
Participants watch a lecturer speak inside the Mobile Lab.
Participants work inside the Mobile Lab while looking at monitors.

Download Brochure: Mobile Lab Brochure

We Deliver Hands-On HEV Activities

The Michigan Tech Mobile Lab is a fully outfitted laboratory that can come to you for your private or public event. We partner with government, industry, and nonprofit organizations to deliver HEV education, outreach, and research across the nation.

Housed in an expandable, double-wide trailer, this lab is like no other. It’s pulled by a class 8 semi truck with a Detroit Diesel DD15 engine, the latest in heavy-duty diesel technology. Wi-fi accessible throughout, the mobile lab’s desks, chairs, and workspaces can be reconfigured to suit. The mobile lab features a powertrain test cell, configurable hybrid electric vehicle, three other state-of-the-art hybrid vehicles, a portable chassis dynamometer, a “smart” interactive microgrid, and more.

What Can The Mobile Lab Do For You?

Industry – Short Courses

Need targeted employee training? Short courses can be delivered at your location. Courses can be developed and delivered in collaboration with corporate experts to ensure critical content is covered.


Interested in teaching a seminar or short course? Want to set yourself apart from the crowd with a hands-on course? The Mobile Lab provides configurable space for virtually any STEM topic anywhere in the continental US.


Need some additional facilities for a research project? Need to collect field data? Mobile Lab equipment includes:

  • National Instruments PXI & cRIO DAQ
  • AC Dynamometers
  • Chassis Dynamometer
  • Instrumented Production HEV's

Outreach Partners

Need a platform for public relations, product or technology awareness or for hands-on customer training? Content and activities can be delivered by corporate and/or Michigan Tech personnel.


Want to get out of the classroom and into the lab? Want to learn about hybrid vehicles while sitting in the drivers seat? Classes are taught from the Mobile Lab using production and configurable HEV's each semester.

Sign up for these courses, offered on campus at Michigan Tech: