Proposal Preparation

Principal Investigators are encouraged to consider the cost of 3D printing of metal parts in their projects.

Here are language samples you may wish to use in your proposal, adapting to suit the requirements of the granting agency. Costs may be found in the Use Rates.

Advanced Metal 3D Printing Center

The Advanced Metal 3D Printing Center houses a 3D Systems DMP Flex 350 Metal Printer.

Manufacture part geometries no other process can.

Create one-off or unique parts, ideal for experimentation and testing of end-stage prototypes.


Citing the Center in Publications

Please acknowledge the Advanced Metal 3D Printing Center in all resulting publications, including articles, posters, and news releases. Publications citing the printing center use are essential to help us justify maintenance and growth of the facility. Please supply the staff with reprints of any publication that references parts manufactured using the printing center.

Suggested wording:

Some parts in this study were manufactured using the 3D Systems DMP Flex 350 Metal Printer in Michigan Technological University's Advanced Metal 3D Printing Center.

Staff Acknowledgement

If any staff member supplies significant consultation leading to a more viable model, it is common courtesy to acknowledge them at the end of a publication.


The Advanced Metal 3D Printing Center welcomes research outcome donations—research images, presentations, notification of awards, and recognition. These signs of success can be used in posters, outreach, proposals, news, orientation, and other publicity opportunities that help to support our mission and expand awareness of our work.

Experienced principal investigators may request to have their names added to the printing center knowledge base contact list.

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