International Programs and Services

Fees and Billing—Study Abroad

Study abroad students dressed in native garb.

Expected Student Expenses

These expenses, which vary by program, will be included on your Michigan Tech tuition bill:

  • Tuition or program fees
  • Michigan Tech Study Abroad Administration fee ($350). The fee is non-refundable and cannot be credited toward tuition or any other fees.
  • Housing deposit and housing fees if applicable

In addition to tuition, program, and any housing fees, students should plan for these additional expenses:

  • Airfare
  • Passport, and if required, a visa
  • Local transportation costs
  • Meals, unless included
  • Personal and incidental expenses
  • Room and board
  • Books
  • Optional excursions, and field study courses

Payment Process

  1. Tuition and fees are added to your Michigan Tech bill. Follow the payment schedule set by Michigan Tech.
  2. Other fees or deposits that are owed directly to a program provider other than Michigan Tech should be paid according to the provider’s due date.
  3. Changes to your program may require the International Programs and Services Office to make adjustments to your Michigan Tech bill. This may result in you owing additional fees or receiving a credit to your account; this may occur after you pay your bill. You will be notified of any changes.