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Official US Resources for Travel Abroad (Health & Safety, Passports)

US State Department Travel Advisories


Essential starting place for US citizens for travel risk assessments (crime, travel safety, health, etc.) provided by the US government. 

US Department of State Travel Home Page (Bureau of Consular Affairs)


Essential help from the US government, for everything from travel safety advisories to crisis assistance for US citizens abroad, as well as contact information for all US embassies and consulates abroad. Also lists foreign embassies and consulates in the US. Frequently-consulted parts of this very comprehensive web site include the following.

US State Department Travel Advisories mailing list (a listserv mailing list)

Free to subscribe. Email and type in the message body "SUBSCRIBE DOSTRAVEL YOURNAME" (omit the quotation marks and leave subject blank). Or use the online subscription form at This essential email announcement list sends US Department of State travel advisories to your email inbox as they are announced.

Centers for Disease Control, CDC Travel Information


Official US government information about health conditions worldwide, including recommendations for immunizations and locations of travel clinics.

US Customs Office, Traveler Information


Information on customs restrictions and duty fees on items brought into the US by travelers, including the publication Know Before You Go.

CIA, The World Factbook


Provides detailed profiles of all countries of the world.

Study Abroad Student Handbook


Links you to a variety of web sites with information about programs abroad, travel and tourist information, health and safety tips, and financial tools to help you to study abroad.

Other Important Links