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Korean street style. German BBQ. Chilean hippies. Balinese pancakes. Meeting Lithuanians in Ireland. Rescuing monkeys in Costa Rica. For Huskies abroad, life is a roller coaster of new experiences, from plunging into total-immersion language courses to navigating from Point A to Point B in a strange land. Their advice? Let go of what you expected.

More tips, dos and don’ts, and the full launch-to-re-entry rundown from your peers here. Then check out additional insights from the services that provide guidance in your country of choice. Don’t see your country here? Touch base with us. We’ll connect you to a study abroad alum who’s been where you’re going. Use #huskiesabroad to connect with your fellow travelers on social media.

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Play Adison Cook, Italy video
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Adison Cook, Italy


Play Zak L'Italien, Uruguay video
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Zak L'Italien, Uruguay

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Casey Nelson, South Korea

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Morgan Charbonneau, Greece

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Noelle Eveland, Spain


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Ryan Schrader, New Zealand


Adison Cook

Italy, Summer 2018

Caroline Spezia

Italy, Spring 2017

Angela Becia

Australia, Spring 2015

Amelia Newman

Ireland, Fall 2014

Elyssa Furmanski

Spain, Summer 2014

Veronica Tabor

Germany, Summer 2014

Kelley Littlefield

Costa Rica, Spring 2014

Mike Grimes/Ethan Bell

South Korea, Summer 2014

Katie Riutta

New Zealand, Spring 2014