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Experience Innovation trips offer a unique blend of education, inspiration, networking, and personal development. They provide students with a taste of the entrepreneurial world and equip them with skills and insights that can benefit them throughout their academic and professional journeys.

Real-World Exposure: Experience Innovation trips provide students with an invaluable opportunity to step outside the classroom and into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship and innovation. Students will get a firsthand look at how startups operate, how entrepreneurs think, and how businesses evolve.

Networking Opportunities: These Husky Innovate trips offer a unique chance to connect with established entrepreneurs, successful business leaders, and like-minded peers. Networking with individuals who have practical experience can open doors to mentorship, internships, and future career opportunities.

Inspiration and Motivation: Meeting entrepreneurs and visiting startups can be incredibly inspiring. Students often leave these trips with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation to pursue their own entrepreneurial ideas and projects.

Learning from the Best: Interacting with current startup founders and business leaders provides access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Students can learn about industry trends, best practices, and the challenges of entrepreneurship directly from those who have overcome them.

Current Experience Innovation Trips

Experience Innovation: Detroit

As a part of this Experience Innovation trip, Husky Innovate will bring a group of students on a tour of Southeastern Michigan’s most innovative companies and organizations. Get a window into the regional innovation and entrepreneurship community (I&E) and learn what drives entrepreneurship.  

This Husky Innovate event will take place during the first half of Thanksgiving recess.  Husky Motors transportation will depart on 11/19 and return on 11/22.  We will have 3 days of tours before the Thanksgiving holiday. 

A preliminary list of visit locations includes:

All students are encouraged to apply.  Space is limited, priority will be given to students who are presently or who have been engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship activities.   Hotel and transportation will be covered.  Some meals will be provided.  Students who attend are asked to give back to the campus innovation and entrepreneurship community.  Examples include moderating a Husky Innovate talk, hosting a panel talk for the CEO club, writing a blog, vlog, article for the Lode, or social media updates.     

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Previous Experience Innovation Trips

Michigan Tech students on the Silicon Valley trip visiting Hewlett Packard.
Michigan Tech students on the Silicon Valley trip visiting Hewlett Packard.

The Silicon Valley Trip

Aspiring Michigan Tech student entrepreneurs and innovators visited the Silicon Valley to learn and grow from some of the most exciting leaders. Held over Spring Break, this experience gave the students the opportunity to meet successful entrepreneurs, innovators, engineers, and business leaders in an area known for technological breakthroughs, Fortune 1000 companies, dynamic talent pools, and exciting corporate cultures. Students had the opportunity to:

  • Tour companies like Google, Netflix, Hewlett Packard, Facebook, Ford, as well as the Michigan Tech alumni startup company Handshake
  • Meet with entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Talk with Michigan Tech alumni who are leaders in their field
  • Get answers to your real-world business, innovation, and leadership questions
  • Gain firsthand knowledge of the enterprises that are revolutionizing global business
Watch The Silicon Valley Experience video
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The Silicon Valley Experience