Husky Innovate Bridge

Spring 2021 Husky Innovate started a new initiative - Husky Innovate Bridge.  
Husky Innovate Bridge expands our collaboration to include the Office of Advancement and Michigan Tech alums.  

Husky Innovate Bridge’s Core Mission

To grow and foster Michigan Tech’s innovation and entrepreneurship community by bridging connections between alums, faculty, and students.

We seek to drive Michigan Tech’s innovation pride by creating visible and convenient ways for Michigan Tech alums to engage with Tech students, faculty, and staff in meaningful and rewarding ways consistently throughout the academic school year.


Our first official Husky Innovate Bridge event was Innovation Week.  We hosted alums panel discussions and provided platforms for alums, students, and faculty to exchange ideas.  Innovation Week was a platform for Michigan Tech innovators on and off campus to showcase their work through panel discussions, presentations, and events. During the week we had over 250 individuals who joined us remotely! 

Our Bob Mark Business Model Pitch Competition was one of our key events. Students, alums, faculty, and staff joined to celebrate our Innovation community. Tech Today article - 

Wherever you see a bridge logo, we are collaborating with alums.  Our Husky Innovate Bridge talks are free and open to students, alums, faculty, staff, and the extended community. 

Are you a Michigan Tech alum interested in hosting a talk or attending a Husky Innovate Bridge event? Please share your information with Husky Innovate.