Materials & Manufacturing

Advanced Metalworks

Industry Partner: ArcelorMittal, Alcoa Howmet, Eastern Alloys, GE Aviation, Magline, Inc. 
Faculty Advisor: Paul Sanders, Materials Science and Engineering
Course Number:  ENT2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 1
Disciplines Needed: ME, MET, MSE, EE, EET, Business, STC

Ready to get your hands on high-impact metal-casting projects? Cast a wider net with the Advanced Metalworks Enterprise (AME). Work with high-quality metals and metallic components to fabricate patterns, molds, dies, and other specialized components for industry sponsors—all in our state-of-the-art casting and metallurgy labs. Companies routinely seek our students for summer internships and full-time positions.

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BoardSport Technologies

Industry Partners: Altair, Letherer Truss Inc.
Faculty Advisor: Ibrahim Miskioglu
Course Number:
ENT2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 11

Whether you’re into skateboarding, snowboarding, or wakeboarding, the BoardSport Technologies Enterprise has a team—and a project—for you. The group produces new streamlined boards each semester with a focus on refining designs, finding and working with lighter and stronger materials, and researching and incorporating environmentally friendly materials like recycled steel and bamboo. 

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Consumer Product Manufacturing

Industry Partner: Dow Corning, Keweenaw Brewing Company, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, nanoMag, Robert Carnahan
Faculty Advisors: Tony Rogers and Sean Clancey
Course Number: ENT1960 / 2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 8
Disciplines Needed: MEEM, EE, CM, CS, FW, BA, STC

The Consumer Product Manufacturing Enterprise believes that marketing, prototyping, and manufacturing are best left to professionals—and Michigan Tech undergraduate students are the best pros for the job. The group works one-on-one with corporate sponsors and businesses to conceive of and develop game-changing new ideas, from initial idea generation to market research, prototyping, design, and distribution. One recent project: developing an automated can-loading system for a brewing company.

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Open Source Hardware

Industry Partner:  
Faculty Advisor: Joshua Pearce
Course Number:  ENT 2950 / 2960 / 3950 / 3960 / 3980 / 4900 / 4910 / 4950 / 4960 / 4961 - Section 33
Disciplines Needed:  All are welcome.  Specific needs include BA, CS, EE, MEEM, MSE, MTE, STC

The Open Source Hardware Enterprise aims to link high school, college and professional organizations through the development of open source hardware.  The initial focus of the enterprise is to develop high value products (e.g. scientific equipment) from rapid prototyping and reuse of waste materials (e.g. glass, plastic and newspaper) but will expand into development of equipment to assist in local food production and open source appropriate technology for the global community.  All designs will be open source and will be licensed in such a way as to ensure non-exclusivity.

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