ADVANCE Key Accomplishments and Publications


Accomplishments & Impacts 

Summary impact over the life of the project (2019-2023)

Early Career Management

All new faculty participate in an ECM during their first 1.5 years at Michigan Tech

Advanced Career Management

  • Twenty-five percent of associate professors have participated in ACM over the three years that it has been offered.
  • Seven participants earned Full in 2021-22 (29% of the 24 participating this year), and 7 participants/guides (20% of 35) moved into significant leadership positions.

AFEQT with training and tutorials

  • 100% of department chairs and deans participated in training and received access to AFEQT in Spring 2022
  • A session is planned for mid-Sept to refresh and train all new department chairs and deans during Academic Forum

ADVANCE Hiring Improvements

  • An emphasis is placed upon preparation steps in the search process as well as the development of skills to actively search and recruit applicants.
  • Equity Advisors are external members who help with the process and are now positioned on all search committees.

Advocates & Allies

  • Self-sustaining A3B and Advocates teams are now defining their own group and personal goals in addition to conducting workshops each semester.
  • Thus far, 162 participants have attended workshops and completed surveys.  This is 38% of the 425 faculty at Michigan Tech.

Weekly Roundup

During the academic year, a new article is featured that provides insight on a marginalization, bias, or tool to improve climate and achieve equity.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion addition to the Faculty Handbook

University Senate, faculty, and board of trustees all approved the new addition which gives credit (within service) to those who participate in DEIS work. 

Diversity Equity Inclusion and Sence of Belonging (DEIS) Where to go for What

This resource compiles all DEIS efforts on campus together into a single webpage.

Guide to writing COVID Impact Statements

This resource guides faculty and staff on how to best describe, without introducing sources of bias, how COVID impacted their career.

Advocacy for Childcare

Co-PI Storer co-chaired Childcare Task Force in 2021-2022

Michigan Tech Faculty/Researcher Publications 



Student Evaluations And The Problem of Implicit Bias (2020) This article addresses the implicit bias problems inherent in using student evaluations when making employment decisions concerning university faculty members. 
Academic Dual Career as a Lifeworld Orientation: A Phenomenological Inquiry (2019) We employ a feminist phenomenological methodology to explore the lived meaningfulness of the academic dual career. We contend that university approaches to resolving the "problem" of dual career fail to address partners' long-term commitments and shared challenges.
Image Content Analysis of US Natural Resources- Related Professional Society Websites with Respect to Gender and Racial/Ethnic Diversity (2019) In 2018, a web image content analysis was conducted to assess the perceived gender and race/ethnicity diversity and representativeness of 11 natural resources-related, professional society websites. Results highlight the lack of inclusivity of women and minorities in images most frequently seen at the top of these organizations’ home webpages.
Web Content Analysis of University Forestry and Related Natural Resources Landing Webpages in the United States in Relation to Student and Faculty Diversity (2019) The images of “forestry” and “natural resources-related” fields were examined as they would be from a potential student’s perspective looking at university and college websites with these degree program majors at the 80 National Association of University Forest Resource Programs member institutions during in 2016. Results suggest the percentage of women and minorities enrolled explains little variation in a program’s website image content, whereas there is significant image under-representation of minorities in all NR fields and of women on forestry-major webpages.
Women's Appeals for Equity at American Universities (2005) Statistics indicate that sex discrimination is still very evident at American universities. To explore whether inadequate university responses when individuals complain of inequities may be a factor, a qualitative study was conducted using individual interviews with 14 students and faculty who experienced sex discrimination. For the most part, the universities responded to the formal complaints in the same way as they had responded to the informal ones, stimulating the women to seek justice outside the university.
A Scientist On Any Schedule (2017) At times, my life as a scientist has resembled what many see as the archetype: available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to go to the lab or out to the field, with no personal responsibilities that can't be sacrificed or taken care of by others. I have lived this life—and enjoyed it. But since becoming a single mother, I've realized that it is only one of many ways to be a scientist. Now, I have a satisfying career as a professor with a reasonable work schedule, and I've come to appreciate that there is no one schedule that best produces excellent science or demonstrates dedication to its practice.




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