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9/15 no reading, welcome back!
9/28 NOTE THE CHANGE IN DATE! Trends in U.S. faculty hiring and retention from ten years of data: a study of prestige, diversity and inequality. You must register for this Zoom lecture. (R. Handler facilitating)
10/13 O'Meara, K. (2021). Leveraging, Checking, and Structuring Faculty Discretion to Advance Full ParticipationThe Review of Higher Education 44(4), 555-585. (R. Winkler facilitating)
10/27  Eagan, M.K., Jr., & Garvey, J.C. (2015). Stressing Out: Connecting Race, Gender, and Stress with Faculty ProductivityThe Journal of Higher Education 86(6), 923-954. 
11/10 Behar-Horenstein, L., West-Olatunji, C., Moore, T., Houchen, D., Roberts, K. (2012). Resilience Post Tenure: The Experience of an African American Woman in a PWIFlorida Journal of Educational Administration & Policy 5(2), 68-84. 
12/1 Stubaus, K. and Harton, M. (Eds.). 2022. Exploring Sanctions and Early Interventions for Faculty Sexual Harassment in Higher Education. Washington, DC: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. (Guest Facilitator Dr. Michelle Jarvie-Eggart)
12/8 Reflection on Fall 2022 and Brainstorming for Spring 2023
Readings from 2021-22
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