The ADVANCE PI Team is committed to education and dialogue as critical activities in making equity and inclusion integral to faculty, student , and community life at Michigan Tech. The need for such work is self-evident; the value of such goals for all in our campus community is undeniable. We support the statements from the ADVANCE Advocates Team and the Advocates and Allies Advisory Board and we join them in affirming the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, practices, and policies that engage and educate all members of our community.

Advocates and Allies

About Advocates and Allies

Advocates and Allies at Michigan Tech is adapted from the Advocates and Allies program started by North Dakota State University. Using restorative justice and broad engagement to change university culture, men are engaged to be allies and advocates for women and gender diverse individuals. The Advocates and Allies program has established an Advocates and Allies Advisory Board (A3B) and Advocates Team consisting of faculty/staff from Michigan Tech. These two units will work in conjunction with the ADVANCE initiative to plan and implement workshops for the campus and work to institutionalize the Advocates and Allies program at Michigan Tech.

If you would like to read  the University Senate Resolution 41-2: Embodying University Values with annotation by A3B, click here.


Michigan Tech is a globally recognized technological university that educates students, advances knowledge, and innovates to improve the quality of life and to promote mutual respect and equity for all people within the state, the nation, and the global community.

VP for Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan