ADVANCE Initiatives

ADVANCE at Michigan Tech is an NSF funded program to promote faculty career development and gender equity in STEM. Throughout our history, we have established numerous programs on campus, each approaching faculty career development and gender equity from a unique perspective. 

For associate professors

Program enhances sense of belonging and aids in retention.

  • Panel Discussions
  • Peer Mentoring Training
  • Career Path Workshops
  • Senior Guide Training
  • Affinity Groups

For all faculty and staff

Program enhances unit climate and promotes equity.

  • Ally Workshops
  • Listening Sessions
  • Gender in Higher Education Workshops
  • Tailor Advocacy Training Models to MTU

For chairs, deans, and leaders

Program increases retention skills, management skills, and unit success.

  • Resources for Leaders
  • Development of Best Practice Guides
  • Interactive Workshops and Learning Modules
  • Inclusively Crafting Unit Climate
  • Collaborative Professional Development

For academic leadership, tenured faculty, and underrepresented minorities

Promotes increased retention and career advancement opportunities for underrepresented women and women with family responsibilities working in STEM.

For newly hired faculty

Pairs each newly hired faculty member with three established faculty for monthly mentorship meetings throughout their first year at Michigan Tech.


Michigan Tech is a globally recognized technological university that educates students, advances knowledge, and innovates to improve the quality of life and to promote mutual respect and equity for all people within the state, the nation, and the global community. 

MTU Strategic Planning Framework for DEIS