AMP-UP Accomplishments 2016

New Faculty Start-up Tracking

  • Kaizen on tracking start-up spending
  • New software to track timing and patterns of expense category utilization

Benefits realized:

  • Start-up offers more consistently include GTA support and tuition, making our offers look more competitive
  • New faculty learn funding categories to better manage budgets in their first grants
  • VPR tracking and usage calculations now automated freeing up staff for higher level analyses

Partner Engagement

  • Dual career focus group study
  • Search committee chair survey
  • Mini-retention study
  • Kaizen on dual career hiring
  • Kaizen on identifying an academic path for partner career success

Benefits Realized:

  • Recruitment support checklist to proactively promote holistic engagement with both dual career partners now in pilot stage with three departments
  • Campus-wide process to invite partner during campus interview
  • Cost-share support agreement for academic partner hire

AMP-UP Current Activities

Campus Climate

  • IN PROGRESS: University Climate Survey with outside consultants
  • Survey of academic administrators on best practices for developing department camaraderie
  • Review of family friendly policies
  • Advocates and Allies listserv


  • Review of sabbatical data from 2007-present and recommendations for sabbatical reports
  • Kaizen on a shared understanding of the P&T and reappointment processes
  • Stay interviews being planned

Faculty Success

  • Survey of academic administrators on current definitions for teaching, research, and service
  • Kaizen on current state of teaching, research, and service tracking
  • Assessing current state of proposal submission success