ADVANCE Matrix Process for University Programs (AMP-UP) began meeting in November 2015. AMP-UP is a systematic, data-driven, continuous improvement process instituted to address faculty retention, satisfaction, and career progress. The process was motivated by a proposal submitted for the NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation grant; hence, a focus of current efforts is to facilitate female and under-represented STEM faculty success and retention. At the same time, AMP-UP is more broadly focused on promoting an equitable campus climate in support of faculty career progress and success.

ADVANCE Matrix Process for University Programs (AMP-UP)




Scholarship and Research Dynamics

Lead: VP for Research

Unit Climate

Lead: Provost/VP for

Academic Affairs

Dual Career

Lead: VP for Administration

Data Collection and Analysis

Lead: Assoc. Dean, College of Engineering

Cell Lead and 3-5 members Cell Lead and 3-5 members Cell Lead and 3-5 members

Programs Intervention and Implementation

Lead: Senior Faculty

Cell Lead and 3-5 members Cell Lead and 3-5 members Cell Lead and 3-5 members

Continuous Improvement

Lead: Manager of Process Improvement

Cell Lead and 3-5 members Cell Lead and 3-5 members Cell Lead and 3-5 members


The AMP-UP Matrix design combines a matrix model of cross-functional teams with Michigan Tech’s experience in Lean Continuous Improvement (CI) principles and practices. To date, over 700 individuals have participated in 170 Lean Kaizen events at Michigan Tech. AMP-UP preparatory Kaizens engaged over 75 faculty, staff and administrators from 2014-2015. AMP-UP has adapted the CI approach to make this a self-reflexive and responsive process suitable to academic initiatives. For more information, see the description of AMP-UP cross-functional teams.


Advance Matrix Process for University Programs (AMP-UP) is a model process for collaborative, efficient decision-making enabling a climate of inclusiveness and equity that empowers all members of the university community to reach their career goals.


AMP-UP will deliver ongoing, continuous improvement decision and action cycles that are well integrated into the structure of the University. AMP-UP will utilize cross functional teams to make data driven decisions helping to drive institutional transformation. The process: 

  • provides a systematic measurement of impact for campus wide program interventions and new program implementations
  • evaluates the effects of initiative teams and programs implemented through this process 
  • recommends improvements


AMP-UP Accomplishments 2016

AMP-UP Workspace