Microscopic view of proton filaments

Photonics/Quantum Optics

Take a closer look at the interaction of light and matter, and study novel physical phenomena that arise from these relations. Michigan Tech researchers not only search for applications in telecommunications, quantum cryptography, photon entanglement, data processing, and quantum computing—but are also in pursuit of new knowledge for curiosity’s sake.

Faculty Areas of Interest
Nonlinear effects in optical nano-wires; Optical solitons in soft-matter; Parity-time symmetry in optics; QED effects inside photonic structures
Photonics; Nonreciprocal Phenomena
Theoretical atomic physics; Electrophysics
Light-matter interactions and quantum optics on nanoscale platforms (i.e. nanostructures); Coherent and nonlinear processes in metal or semiconductor nanocavities; Time-resolved laser spectroscopy and nanofabrications

Photonics/Quantum Optics News