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Rhetoric, Theory and Culture

Communication is knowledge, and knowledge is power—especially in the hands of people in remote or underserved populations. If you’re a skilled communicator with an interest in helping others, Michigan Tech’s Peace Corps Master’s International program in Rhetoric, Theory and Culture may be the degree option for you. You’ll do more with your degree, learning how to share language skills and health information with the people who need them most. 

Study Locally, Learn Globally

Start by gaining a broad education about crucial, real-world topics—language, education, technology, community development, writing, and more. Then, receive your Peace Corps placement and travel abroad, using your knowledge to respond to the needs of people in your host country. 

We offer four concentrations: 

  • Secondary English Teaching
    Teach conversational English, English as a foreign language, or content-based English in middle and high schools.
  • Secondary English Teacher Training
    Train student teachers at teachers' colleges or provide in-service training to experienced teachers.
  • University English Teaching
    Work with university-level students who need enhanced English-language skills to utilize academic and technical resources published in English.
  • Health Extension
    Volunteers carry out social and behavior change activities for improved public health, while enhancing the capacity of community partners and service providers.

Graduates are prepared to work in English education, technical communication, and literacy studies or to pursue a doctoral degree.

Course Work and Prerequisites