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Kari B. Henquinet

Kari Henquinet

M&M 722A
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I have been engaged with international development work for the past 18 years as a practitioner and researcher. My field work experiences include women's rights, sustainable livelihoods, health education, and agroforestry development programs in Niger as well as community health and medical anthropology research in Uganda.


Audrey L. Mayer

Audrey Mayer

Audrey Mayer is an associate professor at Michigan Tech. With dual appointments in both the Department of Social Sciences and School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, she is comfortable with both policy and practice.

Brian D. Barkdoll

Brian Barkdoll

Barkdoll has degrees from the Universities, of Akron, Cincinnati and Iowa. He has spent 4 years as an engineer for the U.S. Peace Corps in Nepal. Barkdoll's teaching interests include fluid mechanics, hydraulics, hydrology, sediment transport, contaminant transport, and water collection and distribution.

Casey J Huckins

Casey J. Huckins

Casey Huckins is a professor in Michigan Tech’s Department of Biological Sciences and program director for the Peace Corps Master’s International program in Biological Sciences at Michigan Tech. He also advises and serves on a number of PCMI student advisory committees across campus.

Craig Waddell

Craig Waddell

Craig Waddell is an associate professor of rhetoric at Michigan Tech. His research, teaching, and advising experience enable him to help students organize, develop, lead, and make positive change at Peace Corps sites around the world.

David Watkins

David Watkins

David Watkins is a professor of civil and environmental engineering. He has worked in eleven countries during the course of his professional career, conducting studies or training sessions in hydrology, water resources management, and sustainable development engineering.

Gary Campbell staff portrait

Gary Campbell

Gary Campbell began teaching in the School of Business and Economics at Michigan Tech in 1982. He helped establish the MS in Applied Natural Resource Economics in 1983. He serves as coordinator for both the MS program and the Peace Corps Master’s International program.

Jean Mayo

Jean Mayo

Professor Mayo received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from William and Mary in 1997. Her research interests are in distributed systems, security, and computer science education. She has participated in development of software to enhance education in several areas of computer science including concurrent programming, networking, cryptography, and access control.

John S. Gierke

John Gierke

John Gierke obtained degrees in civil and environmental engineering and is a licensed professional engineer. He has been a professor of geological and environmental engineering since 1990, and his expertise is primarily in groundwater resource development and protection.

John Gershenson

John K. Gershenson

John Gershenson has been co-directing the PCMI program in Mechanical Engineering since its inception in 2009. John researches life-cycle engineering—environmentally conscious design, sustainable design, design for manufacturability, and more;

Kedmon H. Hungwe

Kedmon Hungwe

Kedmon Hungwe joined Michigan Technological in 2002. He was previously at the University of Zimbabwe where he was a Senior Lecturer in Education.

Leonard J. Bohmann

Leonard Bohmann

When Leonard Bohmann is not busy being an administrator, he teaches courses in power systems and energy conversion. His research interests focus on the integration of renewable energy sources into the electric grid and the challenges they pose in power-system operations and planning environments.

Michele H. Miller

Michele Miller is a professor and the associate chair and director of undergraduate studies for Michigan Tech’s Department of Mechanical Engineering–Engineering Mechanics.

Sarah A. Green

Sarah A. Green

Sarah A. Green is the department chair for Chemistry, a department whose philosophy emphasizes a need for students to be exposed to global issues through interaction or direction exchange.