Master's Theses and Reports

Name Report
Jay Wellik, (2014) Doing More With Short Period Data: Determining Magnitudes From Clipped and Over-Run Seismic Data at Mount St. Helens
Patrice Cobin, (2013) Probabilistic Modeling of Rainfall Induced Landslide Hazard Assessment in San Juan La Laguna, Soloá, Guatemala
Stephanie Tubman, (2013) Spring Discharge Monitoring in Low-Resource Settings: A Case Study of Concepción Chiquirichapa, Guatemala

Lara Kapelanczyk, (2011)

An Eruptive History of Maderas Volcano Using New Argon-40/Argon-39 Ages and Geochemical Analyses

Robert Hegemann, (August 2011)

An Investigation of Surface Water/Groundwater Relationships in a Rural Watershed in Southern Honduras

Kyle Brill, (July 2011)

Characterization of Harmonic Tremor at Santiaguito Volcano and Its Implications for Eruption Mechanisms

John Lyons, (May 2011)

Dynamics and Kinematics of Eruptive Activity at Fuego Volcano, Guatemala 2005 – 2009

Jesse Silverman, (April 2011)

"The Need Obliged Us": Culture as Capacity during the Hurricane Stan Emergency Response. A Case Study from Tectitán, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Randall Fish, (April 2011)

Using Water Balance Models to Approximate the Effects of Climate Change on Spring Catchment Discharge: Mt. Hanang, Tanzania

Hans Lechner, (December 2010)

Differential GPS as a Monitoring Tool on Volcano Santa Ana (Illamatepec) and the Coatepeque Caldera, El Salvador

Daniel Smith, (2012)

Stability Analysis and Hazard Assessment of the Northern Slopes of San Vicente Volcano in Central El Salvador

Julie Herrick, (November 2010)

Recurrent voluminous sector collapses at Volcán Barú, Panama (Abstract)

Jemile Erdem, (June 2010)

Modeling Temporal Changes using Coda Wave Interferometry and Seismo-Acoustic Observations at Fuego Volcano, Guatemala (Abstract)

Adam Blankenbicker, (August 2009)

Detailed Characterization of Small Vulcanian Explosions at Santiaguito Volcano

Karinne Knutsen, (April 2009)

La Yeguada Volcanic Complex, Western Panama: An Assessment of the Geologic Hazards using New Ar40/Ar39 Ages

York Lewis, (January 2009)

Geologic Controls for Landslides in the Central American Highlands of Northern El Salvador

Essa Gross, (April 2008)

A Manual Pumping Test Method for Characterizing the Productivity of Drilled Wells Equipped with Rope Pumps