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Computer Science

Advances in computer hardware technology have enabled a wave of software development that is transforming the way we live. The Peace Corps Master's International in Computer Science is aimed at providing teachers that will prepare students in science, mathematics, and information technology so that their students can be a part of this transformation. From app development to system administration, PCMI students also find ways to apply their advanced computer knowledge to the benefit of their Peace Corps community.

Study Locally, Learn Globally

Students in the PCMI program gain an education in advanced principles of Computer Science through one year of study on campus. Then they receive a Peace Corps placement and apply their knowledge in their host community over the next two years. Students also work closely with a faculty member to complete a project during their placement. The project might fulfill a need within the community, advance knowledge so that computer science can better serve similar communities in the future, or provide practical experience in an area of interest.

Course Work and Prerequisites


BS degree in Computer Science or a closely related field.

Admitted applicants typically have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale.

Course Schedule

Required Courses:

  • SS5201 International Immersion and Research (1 credit)
  • FW5770 Rural Community Development, Planning and Analysis (2 credits)
  • CS 5311 Theory of Computation OR CS 5321 Advanced Algorithms (3 credits)
  • CS 5994 International Computer Science Field Experience 
  • CS 5990 Research (At least 2 credits)

Elective courses: 

  • Technical electives (4000-level or higher; at least 12 credits with at most 6 credits at the 4000-level)
  • Humanities elective (includes a foreign language; at most 3 credits)