Michigan Tech offers Peace Corps Master’s International Programs (PCMI) in ten departments. PCMI students combine a master’s degree with Peace Corps service. Michigan Tech is the nation's largest Master's International campus, and our students have served in 52 countries around the world.

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Position Available: PhD Assistantship

Peace Corps Students Have Served All Over The World

The Global Classroom

Peace Corps Master’s International students apply technical skills to real world problems.  As a volunteer, you could use your engineering skills to design and improve water and sanitation facilities, your forestry skills for protected area management, your biology skills to improve fisheries, or your expertise in math and science to teach in secondary schools, just to name a few examples. You learn to work in a new language and environment through immersion and building partnerships with colleagues abroad. 

National Service

Service is a core component of the missions of Peace Corps and Michigan Tech.  Tech’s PCMI program provides you with a unique service-learning environment that combines an extended volunteer opportunity abroad through Peace Corps with an on-campus curriculum that prepares you beforehand for this experience.  As a Peace Corps volunteer, you work collaboratively to address critical social problems in your country of service.  You will return to the U.S. transformed and eager to share your experiences with other Americans.

National Service Fellowship

Supporting Peace Corps at Michigan Tech

The Graduate School awards Peace Corps Fellowships to students enrolled in Michigan Tech's Peace Corps Master’s International Programs. The fellowships are intended to recognize outstanding students who are making positive contributions that support the University's efforts to attain goals outlined in The Michigan Tech Plan and to provide them with financial support to help defray their cost of education.

These fellowships are only made possible through the generosity of alumni and friends of the University. Michigan Tech has a long history of selecting and enrolling students with the skills needed to aid in the sustainable development of poorer countries around the world. Over 150 students serving in 52 countries have graduated from our Master’s International Programs.

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