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Parents and Family Orientation includes the University Welcome and other events.

Family Weekend

A Michigan Tech tradition held each fall in October. Time for a trip to campus!

Winter Carnival

One of the largest annual winter festivals in the nation—at Michigan Tech!


Join us for our commencement ceremonies in the fall and spring.



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Your gifts to the Parents Fund greatly enhance the Michigan Tech experience for all students. Thank you for directly benefiting student activities, programs, and organizations.

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Is your student considering Michigan Tech?

The college selection process can be confusing for both parent and student. Know the answers to these frequently asked questions and you will be prepared to help your student make the right decision for him or her.

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Husky Plaza webcam.

Husky Plaza Web Cam

View of the statute at Husky Plaza.

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Yesterday - I was born and raised a Yooper. I attended Hancock Central High School–home of the Bulldogs. I had a class in seventh grade called science projects. In small teams, my classmates and I were challenged to build and test creations like create a tower out of balsa wood to hold a 75-pound load, make a water filter, and drop an egg without it breaking. I started doing some research and found that mechanical engineers design, build, and test products. I also discovered that mechanical engineers work in the automotive industry. When I was younger, I helped my father work on our family vehicles. I often wondered about car design–how certain designs could make cars easier to fix. This also factored into my interest in mechanical engineering. I am a member of the Michigan Tech Formula SAE Enterprise. I'm currently on the powertrain sub-team and I focus on the vehicle's coolant and lubrication. My involvement on the Formula SAE Enterprise was in my nomination letter for the Provost Award. I have performed very well in my classes while at Michigan Tech. I also have a unique definition of academic success. My goal is to understand the material being taught in my classes and to be comfortable applying my lessons learned outside of the classroom. GPA is only a number. There is a difference between being smart and a hard worker. I identify as a hard worker. I have my second internship with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) this summer and I hope to work there full-time after graduating from Michigan Tech. FCA has a master's program called the Chrysler Institute of Engineering (CIE), which I hope to attend so I can gain experience at FCA and further my education with a master's in mechanical engineering. I would tell incoming students that a Michigan Tech education can be difficult at times, but it is very rewarding. #mtuhumans
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Yesterday - Huskies on break. #tgif 📸 💛🐾🖤@tuukkapthehusky #flashbackfriday
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Friday - Andrew Storer, the associate dean of Michigan Tech’s School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, will soon remove “associate” from his title.