Additional Application Requirements

Additional Application Requirements

Applicants to the following Visual and Performing Arts Department degree programs are required to submit responses to essay questions as part of the application process: audio production and technology, sound design, theatre and electronic media performance, and theatre and entertainment technology. These responses will allow the faculty members reviewing your file to understand your goals and assess your creativity and self-motivation—attributes that, combined with your academics, will allow us to determine your future success in our programs.

Essay Responses

Applicants to all visual and performing arts programs

If you apply to one of our visual and performing arts programs, you will be asked to answer these questions during the application process. 

Please provide a written response to each of the following questions (about 300 words, or one page each).

  1. Discuss an experience that sparked your interest in this field.
  2. What do you hope to do after college?

Examples of Projects

Applicants to audio production and technology and sound design 
The examples you send should demonstrate your interests and abilities. You might want to include sketches, interesting photographs you’ve taken and/or edited, pictures or collages you created on the computer, interesting class projects, pictures of shows you have been involved in, recordings of you playing an instrument, or any other works you believe are appropriate.

The most important thing for you to demonstrate is how you approached the experiences and what you got out of them. You are applying to be a student so you don't need to be an expert—but you do need to be excited and motivated to learn, and that is what you need to show us.

Send your examples to the admissions office in digital form by email, burned to DVD, or saved to a jump drive; or as hard-copies presented in a three-ring binder or scrapbook. Be sure your full name and address is included with your materials. Any hard copies that are submitted will be returned.

By email:

By US mail, UPS, or FedEx: 
Admissions Office
Michigan Technological University
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton, MI 49931