Admissions FAQs

If you have other questions, just give us a call at 888-688-1885 or email



What majors do you have?

Michigan Tech has more than 120 different degree options and more than 60 minors. Majors cover seven areas of study: arts, humanities, and social sciences; business and economics; computing; engineering; forestry and environmental science; health professions; mathematics; natural and physical sciences; and technology.


How much does it cost to apply?

It's free to apply to Michigan Tech. Apply now using the online application.


When can I apply to Michigan Tech?

First-year students are encouraged to apply in the fall of your senior year. Transfer students should apply at least 30 days before the start of the semester you intend to enroll.


What is the deadline for applying?

You are encouraged to submit your application for admission by January 15, though applications are still accepted after this date.


What do I need to include with my application for admission?

First-year applicants need to submit an official copy of your high school transcript (sent directly from your high school to Michigan Tech or through a transcript service such as Parchment) and official SAT and/or ACT scores. Michigan Tech accepts either the SAT or ACT and has no preference to which scores students submit with the application for admission—students receive equal consideration for admission and merit-based scholarships with either set of scores.

If you'd like to have your guidance counselor share details about your academic performance, ask them to complete the High School Counselor Information page and send it directly to us.

Transfer students will need to submit official copies of college transcripts sent directly to us from the college(s) attended. We will also need an official copy of your high school transcript (not required for students who earned an associate degree or higher at the time of application). SAT and/or ACT scores are not required for transfer students.


Do I need to write an essay or get a letter of recommendation?

Additional application materials are required only for students applying for admission into the following degree programs: audio production and technology, sound design, theatre and electronic media performance, and theatre and entertainment technology.


What are the minimum requirements for admissions? What do I need to get in?

Admissions requirements vary by major. On average, our incoming students have a 3.70 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) and a 27.2 ACT composite (approximately 1290 new SAT total). Michigan Tech accepts either the SAT or ACT and has no preference to which scores students submit with the application for admission—students receive equal consideration for admission and merit-based scholarships with either set of scores. To learn more about admissions requirements and discuss your individual academic situation, call us at 888-688-1885 or email


When will I find out if I got accepted?

You should have your decision within two or three weeks once your application is complete. If you applied for admission to audio production and technology or sound design you will be notified of your decision beginning in late November.


What classes should I take in high school?

College prep classes including math, science, English, and social studies will keep you on track. View our course recommendations for more details.


What if I retake the ACT or SAT?

Michigan Tech uses the highest scores we have on file when reviewing your application and for awarding merit-based scholarships. If you applied and retake the SAT or ACT, be sure to have your new scores sent to Michigan Tech. Our SAT code is 1464; our ACT code is 2030.

Michigan Tech accepts either the SAT or ACT and has no preference to which scores students submit with the application for admission—students receive equal consideration for admission and merit-based scholarships with either set of scores.


Do you superscore?

No. We will use the highest scores on file for you from any single sitting of the SAT or ACT.


What about AP, IB, and CLEP credit?

Michigan Tech credit can be earned with qualifying scores on these exams. Test scores need to be sent directly to Michigan Tech. Our AP school code is 1464.


When can I visit campus?

Campus tours are offered weekdays at 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. In addition to a tour of campus, your weekday visit includes an admissions and financial aid presentation and a meeting with a department of your choice for the major you’re most interested in. Other visit opportunities include Saturday tours, an annual fall Open House, and spring Preview Day for accepted students.


How much is tuition?

Michigan Tech is a public university, so the tuition rate you are charged is based on your residency. We do not participate in any tuition reciprocity programs. Room and board will vary slightly depending on the residence hall you are placed in as well as which meal plan you choose.

Students who have earned 60 or more credits, including transfer credit, credit earned through early college or dual enrollment, or AP, IB, or CLEP will be charged upper-division tuition. See the Cost of Attendance for details.


Do I have to live on campus?

All first-year students who are not living with their families are required to live on campus. Students receiving a Leading Scholar Award, National Scholars Program award, or Presidential Scholars Program award are required to live on campus for their first two years. But "required" isn't the best word to use, because once you get here, we think you'll love it. In fact, many students choose to live on campus for more than one year.


I live outside of the local area. How will I get home on breaks?

First-year students may have a car on campus, but it’s not necessary for daily travel. For longer breaks, students can use campus resources to find rides home, such as BarkBoard, an online posting board only for Michigan Tech students.

Students can also use the Houghton County Memorial Airport (code CMX), serviced by SkyWest/United Airlines and located about eight miles north of campus. Daily flights are available. Indian Trails offers regular bus service to the Houghton/Hancock area. Check out our directions to campus page for more details.


Are scholarships available? 

Merit- and need-based scholarships are available for incoming first-year and transfer students from all 50 states.


How do I apply for financial aid?

When you are accepted to Michigan Tech, you are automatically considered for most merit-based scholarships. Seniors in high school should check out the Leading Scholar Award. It's a separate application that's due October 15.

To apply for federal aid, you will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) between October 1 and March 1.


Do I need to submit a final high school transcript?

Yes. An official final transcript is required within 30 days of your high school graduation to verify proof of graduation and to record your graduation date.

Additionally, your final transcript will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee to verify continued academic success during the period after that covered by the transcript used at the time of your acceptance to Michigan Tech. If you experienced a departure from your previous academic performance, you will be contacted and asked to provide a detailed explanation. A significant decline in academic performance during your senior year may affect your enrollment status and, at the University’s discretion, result in a revocation of your admission and any financial assistance awarded.

To be considered official, a transcript must be sent directly to Michigan Tech by the institution issuing the transcript, or from a transcript service such as Parchment. Transcripts stamped “issued to student” or those hand delivered, even if in a sealed envelope, are not acceptable.


What type of computer should I bring?

Incoming students intending to enroll in engineering or engineering management are required to have a laptop for in-class instructional purposes. Not in one of these fields and planning to bring a computer? Use what you’re most comfortable with—laptop, desktop, PC, or Mac. Get additional specifications and answers to frequently asked questions from our IT staff.


What if I decide not to go to Michigan Tech?

If you decide not to enroll, call the Admissions Office at 888-688-1885 or email to cancel your application. If you paid your deposit, you can receive a full refund if you cancel by May 1.

Transfer Students


Will all of my credits transfer to Michigan Tech?

Transfer credit is granted for most courses completed off campus with a grade of C or better. Most transfer credits usually satisfy Michigan Tech’s general education requirements. View our transfer guides and transfer equivalency listings for more details.


What kind of support services are there for transfer students?

Michigan Tech maintains a full-time Transfer Services Office for new, current, and former students intending to transfer courses here. Students with questions should call 906-487-2319 or email


Do you offer scholarships specifically for transfer students?

Absolutely. Transfer students have access to virtually the same array of financial aid as incoming first-year students, as well as some scholarships just for transfer students.


Are transfer students required to bring a laptop?

Transfer students majoring in engineering or engineering management who will be enrolled in the course Engineering Analysis and Problem Solving (ENG 1001 or ENG 1101) in the fall 2017 semester are required to have a laptop for in-class instructional purposes. We recommend that transfer students who will be enrolled in the course Engineering Modeling and Design (ENG 1102) bring a laptop meeting the minimum specifications. Students who have earned transfer credit for ENG 1101 and/or ENG 1102 are not required to bring a laptop, however if you plan to buy a new computer, we recommend you purchase one meeting the recommended specifications.

Parents and Families


How will my student adjust to being so far from home?

Some students start out a bit hesitant or unsure, especially if they’ve never been away from home before. But once they settle in, get into their coursework, and make friends from their residence hall and classes, distance from home becomes less of a concern.


What resources are in place to help my student adjust socially?

Orientation week is a great way for your student to meet new students and make friends. On top of that, we have more than 220 student organizations they can get involved with, as well as weekly campus events, activities, intramural sports, and varsity athletics that bring students from across campus together.


How often will I get to see my student once the school year begins?

You’ll come to campus for Orientation and move-in. In October we have Family Weekend, and in November students usually go home for a week at Thanksgiving, then again for three weeks in December and January over semester break. In February we have Winter Carnival, which is a must-see for most families. In March students have a week for Spring Break, and in early May they’re home for the summer. Check out the academic calendar for specific dates.


What kind of first-year transition program is there to help my student adjust?

Michigan Tech provides students with services to help them adjust to college life. The Wahtera Center for Student Success is a resource to help students succeed—starting from when they first arrive on campus for Orientation. Wahtera Center staff help students identify mentoring and tutoring opportunities to help with the academic transition.

Many students also take advantage of our Theme Communities in the residence halls. Students live and learn together while forming friendships and gaining access to specialized academic support and mentoring networks.


Where can I go to hear from parents of current Michigan Tech students?

Parents are encouraged to join the Michigan Tech Parents Facebook Group. It’s a parent-administered closed group to actively engage in various discussion topics, post questions for one another, and share stories about their Huskies. In addition, ParentNet is a resource available to Michigan Tech parents to hear information about campus happenings, reminders about important dates, events and deadlines, and transitions your students may be experiencing throughout each semester.


My student is pretty shy. Will it be hard for him or her to adjust to life in the residence halls?

Michigan Tech is a residential campus—meaning most students drive eight to 10  hours to get here—so students are around on weekends. Most students find it easy to make friends and get involved. Many students choose to live in Theme Communities within the residence halls as a way to connect with students who have shared interests.


What’s Houghton like and will there be things for my student to do?

Houghton is a college town which, along with its sister city of Hancock, has a population of around 12,000. The community is welcoming to students and features coffee houses, locally owned restaurants, world-class shows at the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts, outdoor activities on trails and water, the Outdoor Adventure Program, and houses of worship. Learn more about living in Houghton.