Applying to STC

BA versus BS

What are the differences between the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS)? Though the degree itself takes its name from the larger rubric of "Scientific & Technical Communication," students may choose between two 128-credit streams within the degree.

  • the Bachelor of Arts in Scientific & Technical Arts
  • the Bachelor of Science in Scientific & Technical Communication

BS majors tend to take more math and science courses. BA majors typically take more design and multimedia courses. However, both BS and BA majors have writing and design requirements, providing a strong foundation in design literacies. Both BS and BA majors complete an emphasis area (a series of classes taken in a different field of study designed to increase their awareness of the discourses native to the fields they intend to work in). What students learn in their emphasis area helps them become better, more savvy technical communicators. Increasingly, employers are on the lookout for technical communicators who can show experience in a technical area. Both BS and BA majors can select emphasis courses from any academic program at Michigan Tech.

Math and Science Requirements

BS and BA majors must take at least one math course above 1000 level (MA1020 is recommended) at least one lab science course

Other Requirements

BA majors must take at least one year of a modern language


BS and BA majors may declare a Minor