RTC—Professional Development

The Humanities department is committed to offering its graduate students rich opportunities for professional development, such as:

  • Professional Development Seminars
  • Department Colloquia
  • Teaching and Research Assistantships (where available)
  • A voice in shaping Department policy (e.g., membership in job-search and steering committees)
  • A voice in shaping University policy (e.g., membership on the Graduate Student Government [GSG])

Professional development starts with our proseminar (HU 5001), in which you begin to learn the details of institutional and programmatic life—how to succeed as a graduate student, what is expected of you professionally, and what you can expect as a graduate student in Humanities at Michigan Tech.

We offer focused preparation for the job market, including seminars and intensive mentoring in professional development. Preparation includes experience writing a teaching philosophy, assembling a teaching portfolio, researching job advertisements and prospective employers, as well as participating in mock interviews and feedback workshops on curriculum vitaes, and letters of application.

The Graduate Student Government (GSG)

The Graduate Student Government (GSG) is a governing body with representatives from all graduate programs on campus. It has been instrumental in ensuring that graduate students have a voice in campus politics, have access to health care, child care, and vital university services, and that travel funds and parking are available to all graduate students. Service in the GSG provides an excellent opportunity for graduate students to work on professional development. Any graduate student may run for Graduate Student Government. All positions are voluntary except the office of the president, which is a year-long, fully-funded position.