Stefka Hristova

Stefka Hristova
"The true picture of the past whizzes by. Only as a picture, which flashes its final farewell in the moment of its recognizability, is the past to be held fast."
—Walter Benjamin “On the Concept of History”


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  • Associate Professor of Digital Media, Humanities
  • PhD, University of California Irvine


Dr. Hristova’s research examines digital media cultures, visual cultures, as well as digital technologies. Additional research areas include science and technology studies, media production, color and culture, and history of technology.

Stefka teaches in the Communication, Culture, & Media Undergraduate Program and the Rhetoric, Theory, and Culture Graduate Program.


  • Visual Studies
  • Digital Media Studies
  • Critical Theory

Recent Publications

  • Blue Screen of Death: disrupting transparent windows, composite media, and the aesthetics of continuity Read More
  • “Images as Data: Cultural Analytics and Aby Warburg’s Mnemosyne.” International Journal of Digital Art History, vol.2, October 2016. Read More
  • “Ruin, Rubble, and the Necropolitics of History.” Transformations, no. 28, September 19, 2016. Read More
  • "Recognizing Friend and Foe: Biometrics, Veridiction, and the Iraq War" Surveillance and Society. Vol 12, N4 (December 2014). Read More
  • “Visual Memes as Neutralizers of Political Dissent” TripleC Communication, Capitalism & Critique. Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society. Special Issue on Critical Visual Theory. Vol 12. N. 1 (2014): 265-276. Read More
  • “’Doing a Lynndie’: Iconography of a Gesture” Visual Anthropology Journal 2013 26.5 (2013): 430-443. Read More
  • “Occupy Wall Street meets Occupy Iraq: On Remembering and Forgetting in a Digital Age” Radical History Review. Fall 3013. 2013(117): 83-97. Read More
  • “Digital Animalized Camouflage: A Zone of Biopolitical Indistinction” Interstitial: A Journal of Modern Culture and Events July 2013 Read More
  • “Life is Waiting:” Statehood, Temporality, and Mobility at The Terminal” Transnational Subjects Journal Vol 2. N. 1 (2012). Read More
  • "Abu Ghraib: A Ghostly Story” in Gender, Power, and Military Occupations: Asia Pacific and the Middle East since 1945. Eds. Christine de Matos and Rowena Ward. Routledge (March 2012). Read More
  • Slack, Jennifer D. and Hristova, Stefka. “Culture In-Colour.” Cultural Studies, July 2016. Read More


  • Hristova, Stefka, “Securing the State: Exploring the Role of Anthropometrics and Biometrics in the 1930s and the 2000s Occupations of Iraq," American Studies Association 2012, San Juan Puerto Rico, Oral
  • Hristova, Stefka, "Pixelated Wars: Invisibility, Digitalization, and Militarization in American Culture", American Studies Association 2011, Baltimore MD, Oral.