Graduate School

Admissions Options

Michigan Tech offers the following admissions options. To follow the steps in the application process, see our Graduate School Admissions page.

Degree Programs

To be admitted prospective graduate students must identify a program (field of study) and degree (e.g. MS or PhD) for their application. Applicants may apply to more than one program. Please refer to the program pages for program-specific requirements.

Certificate Programs

In addition to degree programs, Michigan Tech has a variety of graduate certificates that can be earned concurrently with a degree or by (some) non-degree seeking students.

Current Michigan Tech graduate students who are in a degree program do not need to formally apply.

  • Current students must still submit the appropriate degree schedule in order to complete the certificate.
  • Non-degree seeking students interested in obtaining a graduate certificate must apply to the certificate program using the online application -the number of credits earned prior to admission that can be counted are restricted.
  • International Students must apply and be accepted into a degree granting program in order to earn a graduate certificate.

Non-degree Seeking

Students who wish to enroll in courses without applying to a specific degree program may apply for non-degree seeking status. Not all courses are available to non-degree seeking students.

Information for:

International Students

Students who are citizens of countries other than the United States who want to apply to a graduate degree or certificate program should refer to our International Applicants page.

Current Graduate Students

Currently enrolled Michigan Tech graduate students (including non-degree seeking graduate students) applying for a different or additional graduate degree program must complete a new online application.


Michigan Tech employees are welcome to pursue graduate degrees or enroll in courses to further their education, pending approval of their supervisor.

  • To pursue a degree, fill out a new application and submit all required materials. See program pages for specific admission requirements.
  • To enroll in a course, apply as a graduate non-degree seeking student prior to registering. Not all courses are available to this admissions type.

Provisional Admission

Some programs offer provisional admission to applicants who have deficiencies that must be corrected. To verify if provisional admission may be granted for a program of interest, students should contact the Graduate School.

Deficiencies that may be considered for provisional admission include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Low or missing test scores
  • Poor English language proficiency
  • Missing prerequisite courses

A student’s admission letter will describe the provisions granted and set a time limit for the student to complete the requirements. Graduate programs will monitor provisionally accepted students and will notify the Graduate School about students who do not complete the requirements.