Graduate School

Chemical Engineering—MS, PhD

Faculty and graduate student testing chemicals in a lab.

Fast Facts

  • Faculty are honored for both research and teaching.
  • Some of the awards include the A.M. Gaudin Award for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration from the American Institute of Metallurgy, the Norton H. Walker Award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and Michigan Tech’s Distinguished Teaching Award.
  • Within the department, student research projects are funded by the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and a variety of chemical and materials industries.
  • External funding exceeds $1 million annually, with a current level of approximately $3 million.
  • This program is available as an accelerated master's degree.

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Graduate Programs in Chemical Engineering

The chemical engineering program has a strong industrial component. Research within the department is advancing fundamental and applied knowledge in chemical engineering and related fields. Our research is recognized nationally in our core strength areas of process safety, process systems engineering, applied thermodynamics, polymers, minerals processing, and biochemical engineering. Current Michigan Tech undergraduate students can earn a MS degree with just a single year of study beyond the BS through the Accelerated Master's Program.

Recent research thrusts have been centered around University initiatives in sustainability, biotechnology, and alternative energy. Laboratory facilities within the department include the Carbon Technology Center, Hazards Evaluation Lab, Polymer Lab, Minerals Processing Lab, Process Simulation and Control Center, and Thermodynamics and Physical Properties Measurement Lab.

Learn more about the Chemical Engineering programs.