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Transfer Graduate Credits from Northland College

Graduate Credit Option for Students at Northland College

The purpose of this agreement is to allow students at Northland College to use up to twelve credits obtained while enrolled at Northland College towards a graduate degree at Michigan Technological University. The agreement is effective upon the date it is signed by both parties.

Each institution will designate an advisor as a contact for the program.

Implementation and Requirements for Student Applications

An interested student shall consult with the Northland College advisor and designate up to twelve credits which he or she would like to transfer as graduate credits to Michigan Technological University. The courses may not be used towards the graduation requirements at Northland College. Students must have junior or senior standing at Northland College. Students and advisors are encouraged to consult with the appropriate academic unit at Michigan Technological University prior to completing the form. Credits must be at the 300 or 400 level and students must earn a B or better in any class designated for transfer. Courses do not need to have a Michigan Technological University equivalent course.

Students will apply to the Michigan Tech Graduate School using the standard graduate application procedure, including specifying the graduate program they wish to enter. After admission to the Graduate School the student will complete the Northland College–Michigan Technological University Graduate Credit Transfer Form for review in a timely manner, so that courses may be approved before the student attends the first class session of the Northland College course(s). Send the form to:

The Graduate School
Michigan Technological University
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton MI 49931

The Graduate School will consult with the appropriate academic unit on campus and approve or disapprove all or some of the credits and will return the form to the student and the Northland College advisor in a timely fashion.

This agreement is self-reviewing on an annual basis. Either party may dissolve the agreement by giving written notice a minimum of one year prior to termination of the agreement.


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