Graduate School

Michigan Intercollegiate Graduate Studies (MIGS) Program

Graduate Students who are in good standing in a degree program are eligible to elect courses at several graduate schools in Michigan with the approval of both Host and Home faculty. This program for guest scholars enables graduate students to take advantage of unique educational opportunities throughout the state. Contact the Michigan Tech Graduate School office for a list of participating Universities and MIGS liaison officers.


  1. The Student and Academic Advisor decide if the course(s) are appropriate to the program of study and are not available at the Home University (Michigan Tech).
  2. The advisor discusses the plan with appropriate faculty members at the Host University.
  3. The Host department is consulted to ensure that space is available for enrollment.
  4. MIGS application is filled out, and returned with the Academic Advisor’s signature to the Michigan Tech Graduate School office.
  5. Signature from Liaison Officer (Nancy Byers-Sprague) is obtained and the application is forwarded to the Host University for completion.
  6. Once the admission has been approved by the Host Department, the MIGS Liaison Officer at the Host University issues admissions documents, registration instructions, and forwards a copy of the letter to the Michigan Tech Graduate School.
  7. After completing the course(s), the student is responsible for arranging to have two (2) official transcripts sent to the Michigan Tech Graduate School.
  8. The student should also contact that office to indicate that a transcript is being sent for posting on the academic record as MIGS graduate credit.

Fees: Students on a MIGS enrollment pay tuition and other fees normally charged by the Host University for the services rendered.

Residency Status: It is the same as at the Home University.

Credit: All credit earned under a MIGS enrollment will be accepted by a student’s Home University as if offered by that University.

Grades: Grades earned in MIGS courses will be applied toward the Home University grade point average.

Part-Time: A student may combine a part-time enrollment at the Home University with a part-time MIGS enrollment with approval if the student’s academic advisor.

Fellowships: MIGS participation does not necessarily modify fellowship commitments made by a Home University for a given period. Therefore, specific arrangements for individual cases should be negotiated with the appropriate officials.

Enrollments: Enrollments are limited to six (6) credit hours for master’s or specialist degree students or nine (9) credit hours for doctoral degree students.

Transcripts: The student is responsible for arranging to have transcripts certifying completion of work under a MIGS enrollment forwarded to the Home University.