Application Requirements

Graduate School Eligibility Requirements 

To be considered for admission to the Graduate School as a degree- or certificate-seeking student, the applicant must be

  • the recipient of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution;
  • adequately prepared for advanced study in the chosen field of specialization, as demonstrated by the previous program of study and the scholastic record; and

Application Requirements

Programs typically will not review an application until all of the required materials have been submitted to the Graduate School. Program admissions requirements vary and are listed on our individual program websites.

Graduate School Application

Our application is free and available online.

Students without access to our online application may request a paper application by emailing the Graduate School. Submitting a paper application or other documents by mail may delay a student’s application review (and decision) process.

Our online application may be used by both domestic and international students to apply to any of our degree programs, certificate programs, or for nondegree-seeking student status.

Formerly enrolled students who need to be readmitted should complete our Application for Readmission.

Student Statements

As part of the Graduate School admission process, applicants are required to complete two Student Statements, a Statement of Purpose and a Personal Statement. Each statement provides unique perspectives and insights for reviewers. These statements are required to be completed through your MyMichiganTech application checklist and should not to be uploaded as supplemental documents. Students should pay careful attention to this section of the application, as many departments place strong emphasis on these statements.

The Statement of Purpose (3000 character limit) should strongly convey the student's purpose for applying to the selected graduate program, demonstrate their suitability for advanced research or studies, and specify:

  • a student’s passion for, and knowledge of, the intended plan of study using the language of the field;
  • the intended program, area of study, research interest(s), and desired advisor (if applicable);
  • experience the student can bring to the department, including any professional and/or presentation experience; and
  • any pertinent skills the student has that can help them be successful (e.g., research, leadership, enterprise, and/or publication experience).

Students are also encouraged to review the areas of interest for the program and the research interests of Michigan Tech faculty before writing the Statement of Purpose.

The Personal Statement (2000 character limit) allows applicants the opportunity to tell their story and reflect upon the experiences that have shaped their lives, and can:

  • give details on what is unique and distinctive about the applicant;
  • provide information on overcoming personal obstacles or hardships (financial, physical, or familial);
  • identify and address gaps or discrepancies in the application
  • articulate how a graduate degree will help to achieve future personal, professional, and career goals.

Official Transcripts

Students may upload copies of their previous college/university transcripts for the initial application review process. Students must be able to provide official transcripts and proof of degree(s) to complete their enrollment if accepted.

Admissions Tests

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is required or encouraged by most graduate programs. The GMAT is also accepted for admission into the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the Master of Science in Applied Natural Resource Economics.

Students may upload copies of their test score reports for the initial application review process. Official scores must be provided to complete enrollment if accepted. Official scores should be sent directly to the Graduate School using our School Code: 1464.

Current Michigan Tech students may be eligible for a GRE Fee Reduction Program.

International Students—Visa Requirement

If the GRE is not offered in your country, you may petition for a waiver by contacting the Graduate School. The paper-based test is accepted; lack of a computer-based testing center is not sufficient for a waiver.

International applicants must also provide proof of English proficiency. We accept both TOEFL and IELTS test results.

If you hold citizenship from and/or attended post-secondary school in a country where the primary language is English, you may request a waiver by e-mailing the Graduate School

Letters of Recommendation

Programs require two to three letters of recommendation (please see program page for specific requirements). Students should submit requests for letters of recommendation from their MyMichiganTech website.

Additional Required Documents

Students should review all of the documents required by their program(s) of interest prior to beginning the application process. Additional documents/requirements that may be necessary include the following:

  • Résumé / Curriculum vitae
  • Writing Sample
  • Prerequisite Courses
  • Previous Degree in a Specified Field

Application Deadlines

Although most programs review applications on a rolling basis throughout the year, students are encouraged to follow the recommended deadlines on the individual program pages for the best chance for admission.

Applying early may increase your opportunities for funding.

Deferral of Enrollment

Accepted students may defer their enrollment for a period of 12 months, for example, from one fall semester to the next. Deferral beyond this time is not allowed, and admission will require a new application. Contact the Graduate School for more information.

International Students: Additional Information

Provisional Admission

Academically eligible students who do not meet the English language proficiency requirements for their intended graduate program may be granted provisional admission in order to successfully complete training in our English as a Second Language program (ESL). Not all graduate programs offer provisional admission. To apply for provisional admission, students must e-mail their request to the Graduate School. Students do not need to separately apply to ESL.

Master's Path Program

Graduates of a three-year bachelor's degree program may be required to take additional courses prior to beginning graduate studies.

Immigration Documents

An I-20 or DS-2019 will be authorized by Michigan Tech once the student has been accepted to a degree program and a Certification of Finances Form and official supporting documents (and applicable signatures) have been submitted/uploaded to the Graduate School. Students are encouraged to provide their proof of funding documents when completing their application, but it is not required.

Requesting Express Shipping

If accepted to the University, students may choose to have their immigration documents sent to them by express mail. Michigan Tech partners with eShip Global to send immigration documents through FedEx Express.

To request express shipping,

  • create an account with eShip Global;
  • request your shipment by choosing the "Receive" option with your account; and
  • provide your Michigan Tech ID (M-number), mailing address, email address, phone number, and credit card information.

Once a shipment request is processed, our office is notified and the documents are shipped to the address provided in the request. Students will receive a tracking number when they submit a request, which allows the shipment to be tracked on the eShip Global website.

Visa Application Process

Our International Programs and Services (IPS) Office provides a list of required items students will need and how to prepare for an F-1 or J-1 Visa Interview.


Students may view all of their required documents (including additional program-required documents) on their personalized MyMichiganTech website after they have applied*. In addition, students may

  • check the status of their application(s),
  • upload any missing documents,
  • request electronic letters of recommendation, and
  • verify their personal and contact information.

*MyMichiganTech access is granted by email within a week of submitting an online application.