Graduate School Admissions

How to Apply

Admissions Questions

Do I need to submit official documents before my application decision is made?

Copies of documents, such as your test score reports or previous transcripts, can be uploaded on your MyMichiganTech website.

Your official documents must be received by the Graduate School to complete your enrollment if you are accepted to the University.

Official test scores can be sent directly to Michigan Tech using our School Code: 1464

If you have documents that need to be mailed to our office, send them to the following address:

Michigan Tech Graduate School
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton, MI 49931-1295 USA

Can I mail my required documents, rather than uploading them on my MyMichiganTech website?

Yes, students are permitted to send us documents by mail, rather than uploading them. This is common for students who have previously received sealed letters of recommendation. However, sending paper documents to the Graduate School will delay the processing of your application.

Also, please note that if you are sending us letters of recommendation by mail, we do strongly recommend that you still have your referees complete either the online or paper Letter of Recommendation Form, as many programs give these forms strong consideration in their admissions decisions.

How do I apply for funding?

Your application for admission also serves as your application for funding. Graduate assistantships are available for each of our graduate programs.

You should follow up with your Graduate Program Director and/or a faculty member if you have additional questions about the availability of funding.

How do I know if my application is under review? What is my application status?

You can check the status of your application on your MyMichiganTech website. Your application status will always be updated first on this website.

Definitions of our most frequently used status codes follow:

  • Incomplete items outstanding—Check for items marked as Required in your Missing section and/or incomplete recommendation requests.
  • Additional items required to complete departmental review—Your application has been sent to the program, but a decision cannot be processed until your outstanding required items are received.
  • Complete—Awaiting Program Decision—Your application has been sent to the program and is under review. Your status will be updated once the Graduate School is notified of your application decision.
  • Accepted—You have been accepted to the program of study. Additional information will be sent to you by email and in your acceptance letter.
  • Grad Accept—Pending Financials—You are an international student and have been accepted to your program of study, but we need to receive your proof of funding documents in order to issue your immigration documents.
  • Deferred Application—Per your request, we have deferred your application to another term.
  • Admission Denied—The program was unable to admit you at this time. More information about this decision will be sent to you by email.

When will I receive my admissions decision?

All application decisions are made by the program of study. The time frame for a decision varies among programs, as some programs make decisions by committee review.

Make sure that you have uploaded all of the required materials when completing your application to avoid a delay in receiving your application decision.

Applying prior to the recommended application deadline will ensure that you receive a decision as soon as possible. If you have further questions about a program's timeline for application decisions, you can contact your Graduate Program Director.

Prospective Student Questions

What programs are offered?

Degree Programs
We offer graduate degree programs in each of our colleges and schools on campus, as well as interdisciplinary degrees.

Certificate Programs
Graduate certificates can be pursued alone or in conjunction with a graduate degree.

How do I find out more about coursework and research?

Course Schedules | Graduate Course Descriptions
Learn more about our course offerings by viewing upcoming course schedules or our current graduate course descriptions.

Master's programs are offered as coursework only or with a research (report and/or thesis) option.

Graduate Faculty Locator
Search for faculty members in your intended program of study or by research interest.

Research Centers and Institutes
Learn more about the research centers and institutes on campus.

How much will my education cost and what type of funding is available?

Cost of Education
Every effort is made to maintain high academic standards and adequate living facilities at the lowest possible cost to you. Educational expenses for nine months will vary according to your personal needs, program, and degree.

Graduate Assistantships
All funding decisions are made by your program of study and are independent of admissions decisions. You are not required to submit an additional application to be considered for graduate assistantships unless otherwise stated in your program's admission requirements. Assistantships include a stipend and a proportional amount of tuition and academic fees for full-time enrollment.

External Funding Opportunities
The Graduate School will post any other funding opportunities that we are notified about on this website or on our External Funding Announcements blog.

National Service Graduate Fellowships
National Service Graduate Fellowships are awarded to all retired or active military personnel and those who have completed their terms of service in AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps.

Veteran Education Benefits
Michigan Tech maintains a full-time Veteran Services Office to assist students with processing VA benefits and to provide our veterans with other services.

Financial Aid Resources
The Financial Aid Office provides an extensive list of resources to aid students in finding additional funding opportunities.

How do I find more information about the Michigan Tech campus and the community?

Experience Tech!
As a Michigan Tech student, you will have access to all of our campus facilities and events, including the Mont Ripley Ski Hill, Gates Tennis Center, Portage Lake Golf Course, visual and performing arts department events, NCAA Division I hockey games, and all of our other Division II sporting events.

Housing (On Campus | Off Campus)
Students interested in living on campus should apply early, as graduate student housing fills quickly.

How to get involved on campus:
Graduate Student Government | Student Life | Student Activities | Student Organizations

Explore our local community:
Keweenaw Convention & Visitors Bureau | Houghton | Hancock

Getting to Michigan Tech
Contact our office if you would like to schedule a campus visit.

International Students: Additional Information

Tuition Costs

The Michigan Tech Graduate School has one tuition rate—international students do not pay an “out-of-state” rate. Academic year tuition and fees are provided on our Cost of Education website.

International Application

If you are a citizen of a country other than the United States and would like to apply to a graduate program, you should complete our online International Graduate Application. International students cannot pursue a graduate certificate on campus unless they are also pursuing a graduate degree.

Visa Requirement

International applicants must also provide proof of English proficiency. We accept both TOEFL and IELTS test results.

If you hold citizenship from and/or attended post-secondary school in a country where the primary language is English, you may request a waiver by e-mailing the Graduate School.

Receiving Immigration Documents

An I-20 or a DS-2019 will be authorized by Michigan Tech once a student has been accepted to a degree program and we have proof of funding documents on file. We encourage students to complete and upload their Certification of Finances Form and official supporting documents when completing their application, but it is not required.

We partner with eShipGlobal to send immigration documents to students upon request. To request express shipping,

  1. create an account with eShip Global;
  2. request your shipment by choosing the "Receive" option with your account; and
  3. provide your Michigan Tech ID (M-number), mailing address, email address, phone number, and credit-card information.