Points of Pride

Rankings, Increases, and Firsts

Michigan Tech ranked second in the state among public institutions when it came to the proportion of industry-sponsored research, and was in the top 15% nationwide. 

In 2013 Graduate enrollment increased for the 5th straight year and the number of first time master's students increased 22.2%.

Michigan Tech was recognized by the American Physical Society as a "Top Educator" for graduating a high fraction of Female PhDs.

Many Michigan Tech graduate engineering programs are ranked in the top 100 by US News& World Report.

For the 9th year in a row, Michigan Tech ranks #1 in Peace Corps Master's Degree Programs.

In order to provide more physical therapists to hospitals in the Upper Peninsula, Central Michigan University (CMU) and Michigan Tech have partnered to offer a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. A new remote classroom will allow students at Michigan Tech to participate in real time with classmates at CMU. read more about the program here.

Michigan Tech has entered into an agreement with Vidya Prathisthan University in Baramati, India which will allow their mechanical engineering faculty to earn PhDs from MTU through a 4 year hybrid program.

The Van Pelt and Opie Library has launched Digital Commons @ Michigan Tech. This digital repository will house theses, dissertations, and reports created by MTU graduate students, as well as other open access academic work created on campus.

Graduate Students Making a Difference

A research team at Michigan Tech has found a better way to purify peptide based drugs, which are important in cancer and HIV treatments

Ran Duan was named a finalist in the 2014 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation Student Paper Competition. His research is on invisibility cloaking technology.

Yawei Wei, a Master's student in Electrical Engineering, designed and built a solar system for his hometown in China that was struggling with electricity supply. At the same time he created a family business around this venture and has educated his family and town about solar energy and electricity production. 

Teresa Wilson, a PhD candidate in Physics, co-published a paper with Dr. Nemiroff which garnered national attention, as the topic was about locating time travelers using the internet.

Jason Hiebel, PhD student in Computer Science, led a team of MTU students to the World Finals in Computer Programming, where they ranked as the top Michigan School and placed 64th overall. Only 122 of 10,000 teams made the initial cut, and those were invited to Russia to compete 

Materials Science and Engineering PhD Students Chenlong Zhang and Bas Wijnen along with other team members in the Pearce Research Group on campus, made national news with coverage of their 3D metal printer. 

Michigan Tech students have partnered with the French firm AFI to produce a cooking fuel that utilizes agricultural waste (palm kernel shells); dual benefits of this research are less smoke in the households and fewer trees cut for fuel.

Boyi Hao, a graduate student at Michigan Tech, was part of a team that verified the production of nanodiamonds from ethanol vapor at atmospheric pressures and low temperatures (< 100°C). 

Evandro Ficanha, a PhD student working with Dr. Rastgaar in mechanical engineering–engineering mechanics to create an ankle/foot prosthesis that can mimic natural human motion. 

Michigan Technological Chemical Engineering Graduate Students took top spots in the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration’s (SME) Student Poster Contest in both 2013 (Denver) and 2014 (Salt Lake City). Brett Spigarelli (1st place) and Howard Haselhuhn (2nd place) were the winners at the 2013 meeting, while Jacob McDonald (2nd place) and Joseph Halt (3rd place) were Michigan Tech's winning representatives for 2014.