Family Resources

The Graduate School recognizes that students may wish to begin a family while pursuing their degrees. In order to help students balance school with family obligations and expenses, the Graduate School offers several services that together contribute to a family-friendly environment at Michigan Tech.

On-campus resources

Resources available on campus to provide support to families include: 

  • The Graduate Student Parental Accommodation Policy provides assistance to students during a pregnancy, during a postpartum period, during an adoption process, or following an adoption placement.
  • The Dependent Care Policy provides reimbursement for qualified individuals when the expenses are above and beyond regular dependent care costs that directly result from travel on University business.
  • Lactation Spaces are available for nursing mothers on campus as part of the Michigan Tech Worklife Connections program.
  • The Little Huskies Child Development Center provides high-quality childcare.
  • Michigan Tech Preschool is a non-profit, cooperative preschool located on campus that serves children ages 3-5.  Children must be 3 years old by December 1st to qualify for the program.

Off-campus resources

There are also many resources available for students in the local areas of Houghton and Hancock: